Sunday, August 5, 2018

Causes of allergies in Your Food

Causes of Allergies in Your Food- Hello everybody, welcome back with ZetiraKitchen! Today i will share information about Allergy. Our body has immune system to protect ourselves from disease. The immune system is similar to a sensory system in that it receives input from the environment and produces an adaptive response. That purpose is to recognize foreign invaders, such as bacteria and parasites, and launch an attack to neutralize the threat of infection. Our immune cells are always on the lookout for dangers in our body, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxic substances, or foreign molekul . When these molecules enter the body - through the lungs, mouth, intestine, or skin - the immune system can react by labeling them as either harmless or dangerous. It also recognizes and disposes of ill or defective internal cells, to prevent a disease from spreading.

Allergic disease occur because the immune system get false condition to respond to appropriate targets. They attacks a harmless environmental protein, then it is an allergy. Studies have shown that early immune system exposure to parasites and other microbes allows the system to develop the regulatory mechanisms that keep it focused and under control. In the normal course of childhood development, the immune system is supposed to shift away from the anti-parasitic inflammatory pathway predominant at birth toward the anti-bacterial non-inflammatory pathway. In clean environments that lack parasite exposure, this transition fails to occur and the child predisposed to allergy begins to develop an inflammatory immune response against harmless environmental proteins. 

Allergies can manifest in several different ways. Our bodies can react severe and potentially deadly allergic reaction. With 40 to 50 percent of schoolchildren worldwide sensitized to one or more allergens, preventing allergies in the future is likely to have a huge impact on global health. The foods most associated with food allergy in children are milk, eggs, peanuts. 

we must pay attention about what and how much you ate, how long it took for symptoms to develop, and what symptoms you experienced and how long they lasted. Better us keep our diet to minimize the occurrence of allergies in our body. Because of the effects of allergies that we don't know, how will the effects come to our body later.